Family Visitation Services

Family Visitation Supervision

Parsian FRC is dedicated to connecting children and families of all backgrounds with optimal care. Our services founded upon: integrity, respect, sincerity, and professionalism. Often the family law courts adjudicating a legal separation or divorce case where children require that until child custody issues can be resolved, one or both of the parents who want visitation with their children while their court case proceeds, but for safety reasons the court requires that the visits with the children be "supervised."

Parsian Family Resource Center is able to provide:

  • Supervised visitation by experienced and professional case workers.
  • Parsian's objective is to nurture communication between each parent and their children in order to reconstruct positive family relations under the new family dynamic.
  • We are able to provide case worker for supervision who are fluent in English, Farsi, Arabic and Spanish languages.professional and experienced case workers where supervised visitations required a third-party supervisor is required by the court or the terms of custody or court proceedings. Our case workers are able to provide supervision for clients who first language is English, Farsi, Arabic, or Spanish.

In order to have your case proceed through the courts as smoothly as possible, we cannot understate the importance of working with our caring and reliable staff at Parsian Family Resource Center. Parsian Family Resource Center is a 501c3 Not-for-Profit corporation.

"Parsian FRC's ultimate goal for our supervised visitation is to provide a safe space and time for the children and parents to focus the changing nature of their family!"